Importance Of Digital Marketing: Top Reasons You Need It

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In today’s world when mobiles and the internet have become an integral part of our everyday life. One cannot imagine a single day living without them. Nowadays from purchasing day to day products to finding a perfect partner people are leaning towards digital medium neither going through the traditional ones. It shows the importance of digital marketing.

So it is true for marketing also. Now marketers are emphasizing more on promoting their products or services over digital platforms. Digital marketing is growing very fast and a business should not ignore it. Below are some reasons why you need digital marketing for your business.

Importance Of Digital Marketing: Top Reasons You Need It


Digital marketing costs very less as compared to traditional ways of marketing.  As small and medium businesses have very little resources and capital. Digital marketing can prove to be a very cost-effective result driving method of marketing for them. Using a digital medium can save up to 40% of your marketing cost. So, the affordability of digital marketing is very less as compared to traditional marketing.


Today everyone owns a smartphone and with the emergence of low data tariffs, the number of internet users growing rapidly. According to a joint study by Associate Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India and PWC, the expected increase in the number of smartphone users in India is to 859 million which is a rise by 84% from 468 million in 2017.

Therefore, digital marketing has a wider target audience in comparison with traditional marketing. So it has a higher reach.


Digital marketing can reach to the personal level of customers. As now marketers can find what their target audience needs, like and search for by analyzing their social media life.

Importance Of Digital Marketing: Top Reasons You Need It

According to Global Web Index social media trends 2019 report. On Average Indian users spend hours a day on social media. The number of Facebook users in India is 270 million and there are 69 million Instagram users in India. Digital marketing can interact with these people personally by using Social Media Marketing (SMM), Social Media Optimization (SMO), etc.


The main problem with traditional marketing is one cannot properly measure the success rate of a campaign. Because you cannot find actual data for that.

Whereas, digital marketing provides real-time data of customer engagement with the running campaign. And tools to calculate Return on Investment (ROI) for the campaign. Marketers can easily check the rate for customer engagement, customer conversion. And can easily modify their campaign according to those data which is very difficult for traditional marketing. So it is very easy to measure the success rate.


Brand Building defines as the awareness and promotion of products or services of a company. This brings the customer closer to the brand and provides value for them. So that they can know, feel and experience the brand.

Importance Of Digital Marketing: Top Reasons You Need It

So, Digital Marketing plays a very vital role in building a brand and making it recognizable in customer’s minds. As it reaches the customers on a very personal level. Digital marketing can make a brand visible to its customers whenever they open their phones and the internet. Thus, digital marketing levels up the playing field for small and medium businesses and bring them in competition. So we cannot ignore the importance of digital marketing in our life. 

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