IDIOT BOX (TV) IS NO MORE IDIOT NOW- How TV Collaborates with Digital Platforms

February 14, 2020 BusinessBarker 0 Comments

From the very beginning of the emergence of television, it is considered as the best medium for getting connected with customers. Even today the idiot box has its deep root in every household of India. You will rarely find any Indian drawing room without T.V. Men, women, children all have their personal favorite TV shows. India has the third largest television market, in terms of number of viewers after China and US. But now as technology has shifted towards digital platforms, the idiot box is also taking smart moves by going there. So, Idiot box (TV) is no more idiot now. Television is now collaborating with digital platforms to market their channels and shows.

IDIOT BOX (TV) IS NO MORE IDIOT NOW- How TV Collaborates with Digital Platforms

Many of Indian television channels promoting themselves and their shows over digital platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. Few of them even own an online channel for their viewers to enjoy the shows wherever they want. You-tube, being an indispensable aspect of social media, cannot be left out. These digital platforms help channels in having a real time feedback about their running shows. Social media also plays a very important role in creating a buzz around the viewers for their new shows which are about to launch.

The end users remain connected every now and then with the 24×7 presence of their favorite Entertainment channels on social media. They love to know more about their favorite shows and celebrities. The thirst to know more about their favorite shows is quenched on these Facebook pages.

The Indian Entertainment channels are looking at social media as a new important form of engaging fans by showing more stars & celebrities on social media. The fans feel special by connecting with celebrities, contests for fans, entire campaign highlights of the Entertainment channel on social media.

Channels and show makers are also asking for feedback and suggestions from their social media fans which is a great step to remain connected with them.

This concludes that television industry is also recognizing the importance of this digital revolution where people are adhered to their smart phones more than the television screens.

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