Google Ads is a tool that is used for online advertising. It is also is known as Pay Per Click which is launched by Google. So, Google Adwords is a platform for online advertising where you can run any campaign which is paid for any product, services, and any event, etc.

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Benefits of Google Ads

Google Ads helps to show your campaign on top of the first page of the user web page. Through Google Adwords, you can easily set your target audience and location where you want to advertise your campaign, product, event, etc. It provides an option to set a bid to run your advertisement. It also helps you to find out how many users saw your campaign, how many users spend time on your website. So, you can easily find out the result of your campaign.

It provides you a full detailed list of competitiveness keywords with bidding price. Google AdWords is based on a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) pricing model. Keyword Planner is one of the effective features of Google Adwords. It provides a list of keywords which tells how many monthly searches and competition on each keyword. So, you can easily use those keywords to run any campaign.

Just like Keyword Planner some other exciting features of Google Adwords are:-


Remarketing is also an important feature of Google ads which is used by a marketer to show an advertisement to that user that previously visited on their campaign and website. Through remarketing marketer also identify their audience list based on their behaviour of visiting on their website.

Reach Planner

Reach Planner is a tool which is used to forecast the extent and reach of video ads across youtube and google video partner. User can also see the outcome of the reach of their ads.

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