All of us must have heard a very famous phrase ‘content is the king’. But now the question is what is content? Everything you see, read and listen on different sorts of mediums from newspapers, magazines, advertisements to websites, social media, and blogs, etc. is content. Even different graphics and links that you find on the websites you browse are parts of the content. Content writing is not merely putting words on paper. It is an art of conveying messages to the target audience in a way that is short, clear and complete.

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A good message should be complete, concrete and appealing all at the same time. Having good content is very essential in making your target audience to get engaged with your message. It eventually directs the visitor to your website and buys what you put on the table. Content should contain highly searched keywords on Google or any other web search engine like Bing, Yahoo, etc. in order to look for products and services. These keywords help in improving a website’s SEO and increase traffic on it. Appealing creative content results in a longer stay of visitors on your website which increases the probability of converting them into a customer or client.



Here at Business Barker, we provide a wide range of ideas for some crazy content on diverse topics according to the needs and requirements of clients. We are totally competent in writing on all kinds of topics, ideas and all sorts of businesses. Business Barker is an advertising agency that provides 360 degree solutions in content writing for Corporate Films/ Videos/Radio Commercials/ Television Commercials and Infomercials. We have a good experience in providing quality content for Article Writing, Product Review, You-Tube Content, Copywriting, Screenplay Writing, TV Commercials, Radio Jingles, Blog Writing, Script Writing etc.

Business Barker emphasizes more on creativity as that particular aspect makes us different from others. Creativity and Content-driven work are the USP of Business barker. Quality web content writing on online platforms is in high demand to make an online presence of your business. Business barker is fully capable of providing quality content for their clients.  

Types of Content We Offer:

Business Barker provides wide range of creative and quality content for:

  • Article Writing
  • Product Review
  • You-tube Content
  • Copywriting
  • Screenplay Writing
  • TV Commercials
  • Radio Advertisement
  • Web Content
  • SEO content
  • Blog Writing
  • Script Writing
  • Jingles


Some of Our Projects:

TV Commercial for NTPC
Advertisement for B.L Agro Oils Ltd
TV Commercial for Promoting Swachhta Abhiyan 
Child Labour Ad for Govt of India
TV Commercial for NTPC
Advertisement for NTPC